Open Letter to the UK Government: Kick Polluters Out of COP26

From Glasgow to across the globe, 205 organisations and counting are calling for big polluters to be kicked out of COP26.

The stakes could not be much higher. Big Polluters have no place in the UN Climate Talks.

If you are from a community group, activist network, trade union or other not-for-profit group, you can support our demands by clicking this link to sign our open letter to the UK Government. 

The Open Letter

Dear COP26 President,

The climate crisis is driven by climate pollution, but we are not all equally responsible for this pollution: a 2019 study revealed how just 20 companies were responsible for one third of all emissions.

To protect vulnerable communities we urgently need a just transition to a fossil-free world but many polluters, whose profits depend on inaction, won’t let this happen. Their presence in the UN climate talks is poisoning the debate. The UK Government must take a firm stance  and kick climate polluters out of the 2021 UN climate talks in Glasgow.

We demand five steps are taken to realise fossil-free and polluter-free UN climate talks:

  1. Don’t let polluters in

Don’t give UK passes to polluters or their industry representatives, invite them to speak at events, or share the stage with polluters. Encourage others to do likewise.

  1. Don’t take polluters’ money

Don’t take sponsorship money from polluters, inside or out of the formal talks. Challenge other countries and participants to do the same.

  1. Don’t promote polluters’ lies

Reject the false solutions put forward by climate polluters such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), fossil-powered hydrogen, solar radiation management, natural gas as a “bridge fuel”, or the use of wood-fired power plants.

  1. Lock polluters out

Lead moves in the UN to permanently shut climate polluters out of UN processes by adopting a conflict of interest policy that blocks access to accreditations, expert and advisory bodies and UNFCCC posts, and bans sponsorship deals. The World Health Organisation has moved to block tobacco companies; the same principle applies here.

  1. Deliver climate justice

As co-hosts of COP26, silence the voices of polluters and instead prioritise those worst affected. Pushing for fair-shares commitments to cut climate pollution, support adequate funding for loss and damage to communities and ecosystems, and show global leadership with a bold and just transition away from fossil fuels for the UK. 

We would like to meet with you at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss how these demands can be met.

Yours Sincerely, 

Glasgow Calls Out Polluters


UK Youth Climate Coalition

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Culture Unstained


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Friends of the Earth Scotland


Fossil Free Politics

Corporate Europe Observatory

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Abibiman Foundation



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Organic Growers of Fairlie

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