About Us

This is us in Jan 2020 holding our first meeting! Glasgow Calls Out Polluters has grown out of a longer history of fossil-free campaigning in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.


Who are Glasgow Calls Out Polluters?

Glasgow Calls Out Polluters are a campaign group based in Glasgow seeking to kick big polluters out of the city, especially as it hosts the next round of UN climate talks. We campaign in alliance with Divest Strathclyde with whom we share this website.

Our history

In 2014 a group of Glasgow University students achieved something incredible, they pushed their university to begin divesting from fossil fuels, the first such campaign win in Europe!

After this win, they wanted to bring their campaign to the city and so founded the Strathclyde Pension Fund divestment campaign. Since that time, we have built a coalition of support from trade unions and fund members to push the £20 billion Strathclyde Pension Fund to divest (see photos).

In 2019 it was announced that Glasgow would host the next UN climate talks in COP26, and members of fossil fuel divestment campaigns joined with others to form Glasgow Calls Out Polluters, continuing the fight to kick big polluters out of our institutions!

This website is managed with the assistance of Friends of the Earth Scotland and Divest Strathclyde.