COP26 Video Explainers

Watch our COP26 video explainers

In November, global United Nations climate conference COP26 comes to our city of Glasgow. 

There’s no two ways about it: this is absolutely giant.  It will be one of the all-time most crucial events for climate justice.

Error404 X Frogbeats X GCOP

First up, is something a bit different: it’s drum and bass music with a message! We linked up with the wonderful people at Error404 to create a COP26 Explainer video. 

If you want to check out a community-based club night, you can find Error404 on Facebook and Youtube.

Our explainer starts at 40:00, but we do recommend the whole thing! (Ps, the video comes with an epilepsy warning)

COP26: What’s at Stake?

This video below – from one of our organisers – explains what COP26 is and importantly, explains some of the politics behind this massive global summit. 

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