The UK Polluter Awards 2020-21

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Note: The UK Polluter Awards are now closed. Thanks to all that have voted. Want to keep up to speed with the results? Email to hear about the results!


With COP26 coming to Scotland in 2021, the UK Government has sniffed an opportunity to posture on the international stage, waxing lyrical about taking climate change seriously while continuing to prop up the fossil fuel industry.

Meanwhile, other shifty mcgrifties, such as big oil and bad banks are falling over themselves to tout their green credentials while continuing to pursue their climate wrecking ways. We have joined forces with fellow groups working to kick big polluters out of COP26 to platform some of the worst polluters in the UK. 

We have four categories ranging from bogus ‘Net Zero’ pledges to our prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award – acknowledging lifelong commitments to dastardly polluting ways. 

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(Net) Zero Credibility Award

This exciting new award category showcases the increasing efforts of some of the world’s biggest polluters to jump on the “net zero” bandwagon – while, of course, continuing to cash in on burning fossil fuels. 

These nominees can be relied on to shout loudly about small emissions reductions while continuing with incredibly high carbon business plans, claim credit for emissions reductions from technologies that don’t exist yet, and rely on magical carbon-gobbling unicorns to make their emissions disappear. But who’s gone that extra mile to reach the bottom of the pack when it comes to error-filled, deliberately deceptive and downright laughable “net zero” claims?

Our Nominees

Heathrow Airport






One of our most popular categories! 

Many of the world’s worst climate wreckers clamour to slather us with their slimy PR, paying out millions acrued from tax avoidance to convince us that they are trying to heal the world rather than plunder and destory it for greed.

A lot of the usual suspects of big polluters and fossil financers made the list, but some have leaned in so hard into green washing their image, that they achieved multiple nominations.

Put a ring on their sleazy efforts by voting for the greenwash that makes you 🤮 most.

Our Nominees

The Drax Cooling Towers

INEOS’s Sportwashing

HSBC’s ‘Not an Island Campaign’

Shell rebranding to She’ll for International Women’s Day

Total’s #MakeTheSwitch

BP Sponsorship of British Museum

Shell’s Social Media Poll

Drax’s Sustainable Tree Burning

BlackRock’s ‘Sustainable Investment’ Campaign

It’s all very well for Boris Johnson to talk about Building Back Better – but it means very little without meaningful action.

Our nominees below are institutions that seem committed to building back badly.


Our Nominees

Bank of England


Peel Ports in Liverpool

SSE & Scottish Government for BiFab

Heathrow Airport

It’s the biggie 😬

Here we bestow our prestigious Polluter of the Year Award acknowledging commitment to screwing communities and ecosystems in the UK and across the globe 🔥🤑🏆

Only the most accomplished at carbon spewing, ecosystem polluting and community destroying are considered!

Our Nominees



BAE Systems