The Scottish Polluter Awards 2020-21

Five Categories. One winner in each. Who wins as we lose? You decide!

Note: The Scottish Polluter Awards are now closed. Thanks to all that have voted. Want to keep up to speed with the results? Email to hear about the results!

Polluters, we are here to recognise you!

We have 5 categories in our inaugural Scottish Polluter Awards 2020-21, and lots of dastardly nominees who have worked their socks off at being awful as humanly possible.

But who will win? The choice is yours, kind public.

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Worst Polluter in a Supporting Role

Sure, big emitters are bad. But what are they without the unsung villains that finance, advocate and conduct the behind-the-scenes work that allows them to pump out pollutants?

Nothing! is what we say. With this award, we want to pay homage to these supporting polluters as they pull the strings that fuel climate and environmental disaster. We want you to be visible.

Our Nominees


JP Morgan Chase

Oil and Gas UK (OGUK)

Strathclyde Pension Fund

Teekay Shipping

Here we acknowledge the companies behind Scotland’s worst climate violation: the continued exploitation of North Sea Oil!

A just transition from oil and gas is most definitely needed, yet 91% of oil workers have not even heard of a just transition or what it entails. We blame the government, media and private actors reinforcing the status-quo for this state of affairs.

But who will win this most sought after award? Will it be the old guard of big oil companies? Or the new guard of shadowy private equity firms?

Our Nominees


Oil and Gas UK (OGUK)




Big Polluters are full of tricks and deception. One of the most well greased strategies, is to present gas as a ‘bridge fuel’.

Our Gaslight Award highlights the most committed peddlers of this wheeze.

Our Nominees

Peel Ports

Teekay Shipping





Farming Pollution and Subsidies Award

We venture into the world of agribusiness and land monopoly, for our coveted Farming Pollution and Subsidies Award.

This hotly contested award seeks to recognise companies that do their damndest to farm subsidies and spew pollution, degrading communities, wildlife, and ecosystems in the process.

Vote here to recognise their efforts!

Our Nominees


Crown Estates Scotland

Buccleuch Group

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. 

Well, not nothing to some maybe. The business of war makes a pretty penny for those captains of industry who push and profit from war. Notwithstanding the obvious issues with the Military Industrial Complex 🔥, the business of war🤑 also contributes heavily to climate breakdown.

What a waste.

Our Nominees


BAE Systems

Prestwick Airport