Strathclyde Pension Fund - The Red List

By Isla Scott 

Oct 2021

We’ve done an honest assessment of the top ten fossil fuel companies that SPF invest in. Read on to find out more…

At the Strathclyde Pension Fund September committee meeting, when hopes were high for the sign off of a detailed divestment plan, SPF instead proposed a traffic-light system for divesting from companies that don’t meet certain minimum climate standards. They have yet to outline these standards – saying that the divestment process is going to take a long time –  but assert that the Fund has few (if any) companies in a ‘Red Zone’

So here at Divest Strathclyde we’re taking a look at the Fund’s top ten fossil fuel investments and are going to be sharing profiles of each company detailing their climate credentials and record in other important areas. 

Check out the companies below to find out why we’re demanding that SPF divest from these companies now!

It’s worth noting that none of the supermajors we’ve profiled are aligned with the Paris Agreement and they are all pushing ahead with expansionist projects around the world. Also, one of the key points to consider for divestment is that since these companies are listed on the stock exchange they have high ‘liquidity’ and therefore the Fund could quickly and easily sell their holdings. No excuses!