Polluters Map

We’ve created a map to spotlight some of the worst polluters across Glasgow and beyond. Click on the icons to learn more about these climate wrecking polluters, and get in touch if you want to suggest any you feel are missing. We’ve also included layers on the map showing fish farms across Scotland, and power plants across the UK as a whole.

Click the icon on the left of the Polluters Map title to bring up the map legend.

Other Maps

1. Wreckers of the Earth: Map of 300 London-based companies destroying the Planet

The “Wreckers of the Earth” project has two aims: to identify some of the main planet-killers; and to show how they work together as an overarching system of power and profit. The map, created by Corporate Watch breaks down three main categories of wreckers and can be found here.

  1. Primary planet-killers: companies on the “front lines” of ecological devastation. Hydrocarbon extractors, mining giants, agribusiness empires, plastics or cement producers, and other major polluters.
  2. The facilitators: the banks, investment funds, insurers, law firms, security companies, etc., who provide the supply lines and services without which the “front line” companies couldn’t function.
  3. Ideology industry: the institutions promoting and normalising environmental destruction, runaway growth, and the profit motive. Including media, academic units, think tanks, lobbyists, PR firms, and the boom industry of specialist “greenwashing” initiatives.