This time next week the Fossil Free Gathering will be well and truly underway!
Join our Glasgow Pub Quiz on Friday 8th October!

By Vix Johnsen

Oct 2021

The Gathering has a packed programme featuring a whole series of fantastic sessions and great speakers talking about all aspects of finance and divestment.

Divest Strathclyde are joining in the fun and hosting an amazing Glasgow Pub Quiz on Friday evening – you can register for this (and any or all of other events!) for free via Eventbrite.

This will be our second pub quiz in as many months, following our super fun Curry & Quiz evening hosted by Veg & Vegan Cafe. The quiz that night included a music round, an unusual Bono-themed picture round, and of course a few sneaky divestment themed questions! You’ll have to join us next week to see what we’ve got in store for you this time but we can promise you lots of fun and no doubt a spot of healthy competition! 

To give you a taster of what’s in store, have a go at these quick questions… 

(Answers below – no cheating!) 

Question 1: How much does Strathclyde Pension Fund have invested in climate-destroying fossil fuels?

     a) £218 million

     b) £618 million

     c) £836 million 

Question 2: Which Pension Funds from around the world have committed to divest from fossil fuels – name as many as you can in 60 seconds! 

Question 3: SPF invest in which company which was recently ordered by a Dutch court to radically cut their emissions? The company in question is also currently trying to expand fossil fuel production in the North Sea.

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Question 1. 

c) £836,000,000 – Strathclyde Pension Fund have actually increased their fossil-fuel holdings by an estimated £218,000,000 this year! 

Question 2.

A number of UK Pension Funds have already committed to divest: Southwark, NEST Pension Fund, Waltham Forest, Cardiff, Lambeth, Islington, Environment Agency, Welsh Assembly. As well as some International Funds such as New York City, and New York State. A full list can be found on the Go Fossil Free website

Question 3.

It’s everybody’s favourite climate criminal, Shell! SPF have an estimated £71,832,000 invested in Royal Dutch Shell who have no plan to reduce their carbon emissions or stop exploiting fossil fuels. In fact they are planning a new oil site off the coast of Shetland – find out more about this via Stop Cambo