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July 21

Unmasked: the 138 ‘polluters’ at key climate talks

(Featured in The Ferret)

Oil and Gas execs

Jun 21

It’s time we see ‘net zero’ for the industry-sponsored farce that it is

(Published in The Morning Star)

Glasgow Calls Out Polluters London Activist Photo (2)

Mar 21

Unless the government takes action now, Cop26 will be a playground for polluters

(Published in The Independent)



Dec 20

Announcing the Scottish Polluter Awards 2020

indigenous struggles and pension funds

Dec 20

Indigenous Struggles and Scottish Pension Funds

greenwash detected

Oct 20

Polluters sponsoring COP26: What can be done?

divest glasgow cop26 2020-3

Oct 20

Glasgow moves closer to divestment from fossil fuels

cop25 foei

Jul 20

COP25 was a playground for polluters, COP26 must be different


toxic tour

Toxic Tour of Scotland

cop26 explainer

COP26 Video Explainers

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Polluter Watch


Scottish Polluter Awards


UK Polluter Awards

forest fire

Open Letter to the UK Government: Kick Polluters Out of COP26

Alok Thumbnail Youtube

Alok Sharma's responds to open letter to Kick Polluters Out of COP26

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Memes to #KickPollutersOut of COP26

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Jun 21

Big polluters present at UN talks in the run up to COP26

Polluters Ou of COP

Mar 21

Civil Society sends a message to Alok Sharma: Keep polluters out of COP26

The Hydro

Nov 20

Campaigners slam choice of fossil fuel-linked companies as sponsors of COP26