Announcing the Scottish Polluter Awards 2020-21!

We are calling out Scotland’s Worst Polluters in the run up to COP26. These polluters have been unrelenting in their dirty ways, disrupting communities, ecosystems and atmosphere alike. Here at GCOP we don’t think such dastardly behaviour should go unrecognised, so we are hosting the Scottish Polluter Awards 2020-21 and need your help to decide the winning losers!

Nominees for our awards include a whole host of nefarious actors who must shoulder considerable responsibility for making Scotland a net contributor to ecological destruction, climate catastrophe, and global inequities. 

From BP, up for multiple awards including our ‘North Sea Numpty’ Award, a massive contributor to historic global carbon emissions, who sit on the North Sea’s largest oilfield and continue to obtain new exploration contracts, while employing slick PR to promote their highly dubious carbon net zero ambitions.

Next to Oil and Gas UK, a trading association for the UK’s offshore oil and gas industries, who are nominated for multiple awards including our ‘Worst Polluter in a Supporting Role’ Award. OGUK are on constant damage control alert for the fossil fuel industry in the UK, and cozy up to the Scottish government. 

Then there is Mowi, nominated for our ‘Farming Pollution and Subsidies’ Award. Mowi is a Norwegian-owned fish farming and ‘nutrition’ conglomerate, whose cynical PR leans on the striking beauty of Scotland’s sea lochs, all the while degrading them by releasing chemical pollution and running operations with astonishingly high levels of fish mortality

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, has a crude and perverse love for oily profits. Will his company win one of our prestigious awards? You decide! Source: Wikipedia Commons

Voting on the Scottish Polluters Awards will open on Thursday 10th December 2020, coinciding (by mere happenstance, we swear!) with the far less prestigious OGUK Awards. You can keep in touch with the progress of our awards on our twitter, where we will highlight a different award category each day over the next couple of weeks – although you can vote in all our award categories on our website from Thursday 10th December 2020.  Voting will be open until the end of January 2021, when we will begin to announce our award winners.

See below for a rundown of our award categories, and click on the titles to link to more information on the awards and the nominees, and click here for our Scottish awards. Then keep your eyes peeled for our UK category awards – in association with fellow UK groups working to kick big polluters out of COP26 – which will go live on the 12th December, the date of the UK Government’s painfully-named Global Climate Ambition Summit.

Our Nominees

1. Worst Polluter in a supporting role

Nominees: JP Morgan Chase, OGUK, SPF, Teekay Shipping, Barclays

  1. North Sea Numpty Award

Nominees: BP, OGUK, Shell, Chrysaor, INEOS

  1. Gaslight Award

Nominees: Peel Ports, Teekay Shipping, INEOS, Shell, ExxonMobil

  1. Farming Pollution and Subsidies Award

Nominees: Mowi, Crown Estate, Bayer, Buccleuch Group 

  1. A War Award

Nominees: Faslane, BAE Systems, Prestwick Airport