EVENT: Glasgow’s COP: Kick out the corporates! 10 Oct 2020

Big polluters have tried to capture the UN Climate talks in the past and will no doubt try to do it again in 2021, when Glasgow hosts arguably the most important climate talks of all time: The 26th Annual Meeting of the UN’s Conference of Parties – otherwise known as COP26.

Despite the urgent need for climate action, previous COPs have been far from successful. International agreements have been inadequate, and shockingly, major polluting corporations have had a significant presence, helping impede the serious action needed to avert complete catastrophe. So, as we witness climate breakdown around us, what can we do to lessen the corporate capture of these talks?

This online workshop features contributors from both Scotland and across the globe.

We are joined by local campaign group Glasgow Calls Out Polluters, Fossil Free Politics and the International Solidarity Group of the COP26 Coalition.

Our soon-to-be-announced speakers will give their unique vantage point on the COP process before we move into more participatory discussion on how to campaign in the coming year leading up to these talks.

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